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In February 2021, ASTM International, formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials, issued a new standard, ASTM F3502, for Barrier Face Covering Masks. The standard is intended to establish a baseline for general face masks, focusing on how well they filter particulates, deliver comfort and breathability and their general re-use potential.

To solve these challenges of both filtration and breathability, Aries worked with leading providers of filtration polymers and created Captur™, a novel, engineered fabric technology that provides high levels of protective filtration combined with maximum breathability. While most medical masks depend on a layer of meltblown fabric with an electrostatic charge to catch particulates, the unique process that goes into making Captur adds an electrostatic charge, removing the need for an additional meltblown layer.

Aries Masks have been tested by independent 3rd-party labs and meet the highest levels of performance for the ASTM F3502 Standard.

“As the world faces a critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical workers confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, a long-standing partnership between NatureWorks and the Nonwovens Institute (NWI) at North Carolina State University (NC State) has resulted in a new spunbond nonwoven technology that will enable faster production of highly breathable, reusable surgical masks and respirators.” – Fiber Journal 

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High Filtration to Maximize Protection

The CDC cites masks as one of the most effective tools to protect one from viral threats. However, not all masks are created equal. When choosing the best mask for your workplace, companies must consider how well the masks protect employees from the environment.

Sub-micron particulate filtration efficiency: Effectiveness of barrier face covering for capturing small particles from wearer; larger percentages indicate higher performance. Aries delivers ASTM F3502 Level 2 High Performance.

Breathability AND Comfort Throughout the day

For users, breathability and comfort is a critical feature. After all, what good is wearing a mask if you can’t breathe and wear it properly. For most masks, as filtration increases, breathability and comfort decreases. This is where our engineered fabric offers a significant breathability advantage to help users stay in compliance while offering a high level of respiratory protection. Our unique fabric offers both high filtration and low breathing resistance.

Breathability (Air-flow resistance): Indicative of ease of breathing while wearing barrier face covering; lower resistances indicate more breathable products. Aries delivers ASTM F3503 Level 2 High Performance.

Client Testimonials

“When it was announced our students would be competing in masks during athletic competition, I definitely had my concerns. I wanted to protect our athletes, but at the same time I was equally concerned about their ability to breathe when engaged in physical activity. I experimented with a lot of different mask options and it was not until we tried the Aries Mask that we found the ideal masks for our students. Not only did the Aries Mask provide our students with one of the safest masks on the market, we also found the masks gave them higher breathability as the competed in high level competition. They quickly became the most popular piece of new equipment among our students. They are extremely safe, breathable, and very durable as they can be reused over and over. The Aries Mask was a game-changer for our student athletes and our school.”

David Schenk
Director of Athletics – Trinity Academy